This is the smallest of our printers but it proves that size isn't everything! The Roland Lef-20 is a flatbed printer, but it prints directly onto three dimensional products as well as a wide array of flat materials. It's perfect for small runs of lexan and polyester overlays, as well as inventory control decals with variable data, and Model/Serial number decals that are on materials that are difficult to digitally print, such as embossing foil or polyester. However, it can also been using to brand and personalize small quantities of glassware, golf balls, and to print onto diverse materials such as metal, wood, leather and plastics. The Rotaprint unit allows for a 360 degree print around certain bottles and drinkware.

The Roland LEF-20 prints objects that fit within 20 by 13 inches and up to 4 inches in height. It prints UV ink in full colour, white, matte clear, and gloss clear so any logo will look great on any object.